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If you are in need of any resources in the area of Woodburn, OR please contact LOVE INC./ Si se encuentra usted en alguna necesidad por favor comuniquese con LOVE INC.

1560 Hardcastle Ave. Woodburn, OR.

(971) 983 5683

Love In the Name of Christ moves to new location

Created on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

 Written by Woodburn Independent

This week Love In the Name of Christ is moving its Woodburn headquarters to a new and larger location leased from the Woodburn Church of Christ for $1 a year.

In addition to much-needed office space, the 3,900-square-foot facility will house Love INC’s clearinghouse operation, which accepts and redistributes donations of everything from clothing to household items and furniture to durable medical equipment through its network of 14 partner churches in the area.

Love INC’s lease also includes use of a 1,000-square-foot storage garage that recently received a new roof thanks to generous donations and volunteer labor from nearly a dozen local churches and businesses. Love INC will use this space as a furniture warehouse.

“We are grateful for this much-needed space,” said Nora Crauthers, director of ministry operations for Love INC. “Moving from less than 300 square feet in the back of the chamber of commerce offices to nearly 5,000 square feet in our own building is a dream come true that will allow us to better serve people and meet more needs in the community.”

People can start bringing donations to the new location at 1560 Hardcastle Ave. in Woodburn as of Wednesday.

Under the terms of the new lease, the church will continue to meet in the building Sunday mornings, but must ask Love INC’s permission to use the facilities during the week.

“Even though we’ve hosted other community programs and events over the years, our building was still underutilized during the week,” WCC member Charlie Hintz said. “We couldn’t think of a better way to love and serve people, which is what the church is supposed to be doing, right?”

Newly-appointed president of Love INC’s board of directors Steve Kufeldt noted that, “Love INC is growing rapidly and community support is at an all-time high. This move will allow us to accommodate more volunteers, redistribute more donations and meet more needs.”

Executive co-directors Bill Park and Curt Jones stated that the move allows them to launce a relational mentoring program, which aims to reduce needs and eliminate dependence through training and mentoring.

“The bottom line is that we want to make a real difference in our community, meeting real needs for real people,” Jones said. “This move will help us reach our goal.”

(Love Inc is a ministry that the whole community of Woodburn is working on and anyone is welcome to participate)