Live Stations of the Cross/ Via Crusis en Vivo

On April 25th 2016, we celebrated for the first time a procession of the Stations of the Cross throughout part of the city of Woodburn. We were impress with the response of the community, around 100 people join us in this procession and cars and people who pass were so respectful. People went out of there homes to take pictures and videos and the whole atmosphere was full of a mystic celebration.

Here are some pictures;

IMG_0058      IMG_0062      IMG_0064      IMG_0065      IMG_0070      IMG_0071      IMG_0072      IMG_0073      IMG_0074      IMG_0075      IMG_0076      IMG_0077      IMG_0080      IMG_0081      IMG_0082      IMG_0083      IMG_0084      IMG_0085      IMG_0086      IMG_0087      IMG_0088      IMG_0090      IMG_0091      IMG_0092

Diocese of Oregon